I am 27 and happily married. I have been married for 2 and one half years. Before our marriage I dated my wife for about six years. Presently, there is little wrong with my marriage. My wife is wonderful person who cares about me dearly.Several months ago I met a woman who in many ways ranks as one of the most extraordinary that I have ever met. I say this in terms of intelligence, maturity and personality. I am attracted to her as well. There is the possibility that she might feel the same way, she has dropped a few very subtle hints. Right now we are very good friends. She is in a serious relationship with someone as well. They are going through a rocky period and she is concerned about the future of that relationship. I have been there to listen to her problems and have tried to be as neutral as possible in giving any advice.At bottom, I care a great deal for her. I think that I have fallen in live with her. I have tried to do just the opposite, given that I am married. It has not seemed to work. I am a moral person. I have no desire to have an affair, nor would I if the opportunity presented itself. My word is the most important thing to me. I do not want to cause my wife any pain from mishandling the situation. The relationship that I have with this woman is strong as well. My feelings are the big problem. The longer I have known her the more strongly I have felt about this woman.My question is simple. Do I stifle my emotions in the hope that they will abate, or do I risk a great deal and tell this woman how I feel. Right now, if given the option, I would want to try to have a relationship with her if at all possible. But I don’t want to handle this poorly. Should I tell her and if I do, how do I? My wife is too wonderful a person to be treated badly. It just seems that this other woman has made me realize that I want something other than what I have. I know I can’t have both. I have too much respect for both of these women to act any other way than with as much grace as possible. The stress of this situation is starting to affect my life, how ever. Any advice on how to deal with this situation would be invaluable.