I am just ending a four month relationship with this 19yr old. I am 26 and believe in the traditional romantic courtship. In the begining I felt as though she was impressed by my interest in her. She is attending college while I am living a more stable and secure lifestyle. I began spending a lot of time with her family and grew to love her. Later after professing my love to her I realized that she just wanted to have fun and have a casual relationship, being able to enjoy the company of other men. I on the other hand felt betrayed and if I was to do the same I would be cheating on her.After many attempts at reconciling our differences, we stayed good friends occationaly seeing each other. I know that she is also seing other men. She enjoys being with different guys and having the attention. I on the other hand am having a difficult time seeing other women because of the strong feelings I still have for her. It also seems that when I don’t hear from her I feel beter and seem to start to mend my woun ds. But she allways calls me to find out if I am seeing anyone or to go out and this prevents me from healing. When this happens I begin to feel that she may have realized her mistakes in breaking up with me only to find her talking to me about her interests in other so called boyfriends. Should I just let her go as everyone has been telling me and not look back? In a sence I also feel that romance is dead and that traditional courtship is long gone is this a correct assumption?