Dr Love,I have been seeing a Canadian for 3 years whom I love with all my heart. He says he is in love with me also. But he says he’s also in love with the mother of his children who he has lived with for 12 years. When hes in the U.S., he is with me, when he is in Canada, he is with her. He wants me to marry him so that he can get his Visa to live here permanently. She does not think he and I are seeing each other but that we are only friends and that I would only marry him out of friendship.Just today I told him I cannot marry him for the wrong reasons. He hung up on me and said he was going to go back to Canada and stay there and was absolutely furious with me!! This is the first man I have ever truely been in love with. I am 37 and he is 40…I am not getting any younger but this seems to me like he’s having his cake and eating it too!! Should I try to pursue this issue or just let it go? I dont know what to do!! Thanks for taking time to read my letter.