I have learned so much from your wise perspectives, and now would love to hear what you think of this: My basically good guy sweetiepie has a pattern of temporarily acting rude, bossy and a little hard to get along with after he’s been especially confiding, sweet/extra romantic in word or deed, and especially after letting me see his vulnerabilties.This wears off in a few days, but when it happens it pushes my anger buttons in response, even though I think it’s coming from some kind of basic masculine need to back off and get some balance back. Because I know that any extra sweet romantic behavior or any big showing of vulnerability will be followed by this goofy ‘backlash’ I am getting so that a lot of the pleasure in the romance is lightened up, because I know what will follow.This behavior has lessened over time, and probably will lessen more, but any tips meanwhile?Thanks so much!