I am a 45-year-old white male who is handicap, [my dad told me that the doctors do not know what type of handicap it is, I lost oxygen after I was born — my IQ is 75% & I am boarder line retarded.Dad says I have a mind of a 10-year-old kid. ] I am dating this 30-year-old part black [her skin looks mainly tan like she is from Hawaii or from the beach] woman my dad does not want me to date her & he says it is not because of her skin color.I do love her very much & been dating since May 1st, 2000 — but dad wants me to break it off, so I did like I was told. I did not like it so I went back with her.One day my heart told me to go to the store & buy her an engagement ring + his & hers wedding bands, I surprised her with them. Then 1 day at this pizza place in this mall I askedher to marry me & she said ‘Yes’then we had lunch then left.[Mean while dad & his new wife — my mother died on 8/26/97 — were overseas. ] The next day I got E-MAIL from dad saying ‘It is ok to marry — just be careful. ‘so I was happy & she was too, then the next day dad called & I thanked him.He then said ‘I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT GETTING MARRIED!’then I went to work.The next day my new stepsister came over to meet her & we 3 had lunch, then she took the E-MAIL with her overseas to show dad. They both talked & she told me that it did not work. So then my sister called & told me to take the rings back, [I was so happy that I told her I got the rings, that I e-mailed her. ] or she was going to have dad come home early to deal with me. I told her I would & I did not take the rings back but told my girlfriend, my girlfriend got upset. So dad & his wife came home & called me, he asked me if anyone was in my apartment & I told him my girlfriend was. He told me to get rid of her or he was going to come over & get rid of her, [Ask her to leave. ] so I sent dad e-mail with a file in it that told him how I felt & that I was happy!Dad got madder & sent me an e-mail back saying, ‘I TOOK ALL YOUR MONEY OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT, DO NOT WRITE ANY CHECKS OR THEY WILL BOUNCE!’then he sent another one saying he is still payee over my money. Dad told me a few weeks ago that he can make it so I can’t do anything with out checking with him, I do not know if this is true or not.But if we both love each other & are happy shouldn’t we be together? Dad did say that what he did was the consequences of my actions. (It seems that consequences are bad things that happen. ) It seems that because of a mistake which is no ones fault, I end up paying for it!So my question is this; Is there anything I can do legally so to keep this woman that I love + keep things good with in the family?do not know if dad can stop me from getting SSI or not, I work part time from 11:30 — 1:30 in an elementary school as a recess aid. I also want to point out that dad does not want me to tell people my family business, but how do I get advice if I do not ask?Dad says that he is older & knows that I women use me for my money, he told me she is after my money & when it is gone she is gone.Why are there people like that in the world? Also I would like to know why society looks down on handicap people? I see other handicap people getting married so why not me? The people who get married have councilors to help them & dad told me that the councilors told him they couldn’t help me.Dad took my answering machine away & changed my telephone number so she will not call me, he is also finding out about a place for me to move too.want to try to make things better for my girlfriend & I + both our families, but why are they not wanting us to be happy? Why must we lose out for something that was not our fault? This could be some reasons handicap people are always down & depressed a lot!ear Father in heaven, please tell me what to do, I know dad is looking out for my best interest & does not want to see me get hurt or have no money. If you do not want me to have a relationship or get married then give me a sign. I love this woman & am tired of hurting her, I also do not want to hurt my earthly father or family & I know she does not either.f things end up were I have no family then make a way for me to get money. Through your son Jesus Christ Amen