Dr. Love, I sometimes fantasize about my girlfriend having sex with other men. These are men that conform to some ideal of perfection. Muscular, well-endowed etc.I mistakenly told her about this once and now she can’t move past it. She thinks that I am deranged and need help. This has led to a bit of performance anxiety on my part, further adding to my woesI need to resolve all of this. Alot of this I’m sure has to do with her particular uprbringing. She was raised in a strict Catholic household, dated a guy who was Assembly of God worshipper, etc, so I don’t think that she has any experience with alternate sexual thinking.I myself believe that fantasies are important. It’s not as if I’m fantasizing about myself with another woman. I wish that she would at least take comfort in that fact.I am extremely attracted to her. She also seems to think that I might be gay. I argue that in no way I am. I obviously need some help. I don’t think that the answer lies in me brainwashing myself? Help.