Dr. Love, I was dating a women for about 15 months. She broke up with me recently because of my infidelity. The last few months I really gave her some room and I thought she had found it in her heart to forgive me.Six weeks ago she started a argument with me in a bar and she got completely out of hand and irrational. Accusing me of things that were absolutley untrue. After this incident, she did not believe she could see me anymore because of her loss in trust in me.I love her very much and miss her terribly. She has only called once and that was to remind me not to call her or her friends. I could tell toward the end of the message it was difficult for her and she closed by saying ‘talk to you later’.She has not called or made contact with me since. I am lonely and confused. She still emails my family occasionally, is this a signal or is she just having difficulty letting go. I miss her.