Recently my fiancee and I had ‘the talk’ about how many previous sexual partners we have both had.I knew she was more experienced than I was already, but still wanted to know where we stood. She sort of shocked me when she gave me her number. I truly believe that she wasnt simply ‘a whore’ (excuse the language) and believe her when she said she had been used by several guys when she thought she was in a worthwhile, serious relationship.She explained to me that she feels (and I agree with her) that she is a strong independent person, but somehow she continually got burned by guys she thought really liked her. I never expected a Virgin, (because I wasn’t close to one either) but I have trouble coping with the fact that she is so much more experienced than I.It’s not that I fear that I cant please her, its just the fact that she has been with several guys and I don’t know how to deal with it. I know she loves me more than anything (as I do her) and she has never and would never cheat on me, but I want to get over this and I don’t know how, even though its at least four years in the past.It hurts her when I try to get my feelings out about this and talk about it with her because she is so disappointed with her past. Outside of this one HUGE issue I feel I could not have found a more perfect match.I know there is not a cut and dry solution, but I don’t know how to deal with it and any advice you could give me would be great.PLEASE HELP!