I have a girlfriend of 3 years who gave me an ultimatum recently; Clean up your act or I have to leave you. I love her very much but I know that I have been depressed for a long time and have really brought this on myself.I lost my job a while back and didn’t really feel much like doing anything. I stayed up late, slept until 4 or 5 and so on. Since she told me this I seem to have found the motivation to change. I just got a job today, have an appointment with a counselor, and have been trying very hard to respond to her needs as well as to’clean up my act’.By the way, we are both 21. My problem is that she doesn’t really have a lot of faith that I will do what I say I will. I have failed to change in the past. I am absolutely committed though, and she has agreed to stay with me, but wants some space. I am having a hard time doing this. She likes to talk with me, but she basically doesn’t want to be sexual or overly affectionate with me. I really want to get better, and I want her to see my progress so she will start to feel trust and closeness, but I’m feeling impatient. How can I approach this so she will trust me and start desiring me again without seeming too anxious or needy?Sorry if that sounds muddled, but it’s a real, long storyThank you,fritz in denton texas