Dr. Love:I’m seriously in need of your advice. A month ago my girlfriend brokeup with me because I’m always asking her for sex. She says that even though she say no I always manipulated her until she gives in.My problem now is trying to convince her that I took her no’s for granted all this years. We have been dated for 6yrs now. She has been complaining about not liking sex for the past 1yr, unfortunately I have not been listening to her. She would rather have an orgasm manually and once in a while accepts penetration.I really love her so much and she feels the same way for me. At the moment she has refused to talk to me or even see me. She tells me that she has forgiven me about always forcing her to have sex but will not get back with me. Dr. Love, how do I get to talk to her and make her believe that this will never happen again.I have apologized to her allot of time and all she says is that I have been ignorant and wishes that I don’t repeat the same mistake in my next relationship. It is true that i have not been listening to her complaints because every time we had sex she would say that we were not compatible. Meaning that I like sex and she does not. She never mentioned that i forced her to have sex.How do i convince her that this will never happen again. The breakup has really woken up my feelings and made me realize what i did wrong. Please help me. I love her so much.