Dr. Love,I am a 23 year old heterosexual male and I have a problem with the shape of my penis. My penis is not straight, but curved downward and to the left. It is not a slight bend, It comes out about one inch and bends about 30 degrees downward, and then has a slight curve downward and to the left for the last 6 inches. The curve to the left is what bothers me more than anything. The leftward bend can be explained by saying that when I am looking down at it a vertical line can be drawn from the right side of the head to the left side of the base.This has caused me a great deal of problems in my life. I have had sex with only three girls in my life, and I have turned down many others because of this embarassing problem. One of the girls I had sex with I dated for 2 years, and had many talks with her about this problem. On many occasions she told me that there was nothing wrong with my penis, and that she could not tell that it was curved while we were having sex, and she went on to say that it did not interfere with her orgasms. I feel like she was just being nice.I have tried for the past eight years to staighten it out by bending it while I have an erection sometimes to the point it feels like its going to break. I even try to cary it on the right side of my pants but it allways finds its way back to the left side. When I masterbate I try to keep it bent in a straight line but it does not work.This is a very troubling problem for me and I do not know what to do about it. My self confedence is shot, and I have difficulty staying with girls when it looks like we are going to have sex because I am afraid they will see my penis! I would like to know how common this is, and is there anything I can do about it. I would also like to know how other women will preceive this in the future, and does it effect what they will feel while having sex.Please help me.