Dear Dr. Love:I am very confused on what I should do in the relationship my ex-girlfriend/fiance? You see I don’t know if I should still call her my girlfriend/fiance or what.About two weeks ago we had a talk about our relationship, she said that she loves me with all her heart but she doesn’t know what kind of love it is (Boyfriend or Just Friend). We were stuck in a rut for the last little while not going out as much or doing new things. She says that there will be some days when I kiss her, or touch her, she loves it and it makes her feel good, but there are days, when I touch her or kiss her and she thinks too herself, (wait a minute why did he do that we are friends).She says that she is confused and wants to remain very good friends until she figures all this out. I have no problem with that, except that not being with her is driving me crazy. I love her very much, and I don’t want to lose her. Do you think you could help?Signed: Loving and Confused.