Dear Dr. Love,I’m really lovesick now. I found a girl who has everything my ex-girlfriend had, and even what she was missing -having in mind that when I was with my ex-girlfriend I thought she was’the one I was dreaming of ‘-. I am actually her boyfriend and love her really a lot, as no one before because we both share lots of things (like romanticness, which most girls usually dislike).Last week when I talked to her she was really strange (cold). I talked to her about it, told her how much I love her, etc. Her response really worried me! She said sometimes when she is with me, she feels very nice but sometimes she just feels uncomfortable. Also she told me she considers me more than a friend, but what really cut my head off was that she said, there may be a day (any day) when she just feels uncomfortable with me and end the relationship. PLEASE help me, I want our relationship to last for ever & ever ’cause I just would die without her.’ Lovesick’