Dear Dr. LoveI have been reading some of your articles (in the Advice Archives) and stumbled upon one that is me to the T. ‘Lady who falls in Love to easily’, is exactly how I feel. And what you said about there being something deeper is right. I am in counseling for it…but I still feel that closeness to someone right now. I only met him a few weeks ago. The way I feel around him is wonderful. I am only 21 and for the first time I feel as if I can act that age instead of like the mature grown up sister or girlfriend that is always expected of me. I can let my hair down. I love being with him…I feel sexy, and intelegent, and carefree with him. I feel that I love him and I hope that it isn’t a replacement for my Father…but how do you know? I don’t want this to end like all my other relationships. He is a wonderful man and I truely can see some day this being something more. But how do I know where to go from here so we both don’t end up hurt?Sincerely, In Love?