Hello I ‘m having problems with my girlfriend. To begin with she is best friends with my best guy friend. He says that he used to to want to go out with her, but now he doesn’t. His reason is that they are good friends and he doesn’t want them to break up and lose their friendship. She seams like she wants to go out with him but she doesn’t believe he wants to go out with her.When we are all toghter she acts like she going out with him. She always has her arm around him, or something like that. It feels like my friend still likes her romatically. Then when me and her are alone she is alwys huging me and doing all kinds of great things for me. I can’t figure out wheter they are just really good friend, if she wants to go out with him, or what other possilbities.We have only been going out for a little while, but it feals like I love her. is this a superfical love? I think about her all the time. I right her poems, and always complement her. One, am I coming on too strong, and is it possible to fall in love in such a short amount of time? Thank you