Hi, Dr. LOVE,I have no idea whether you are going to help me to solve the problem or not because I know you only pick up three each day. I have had the problem for quite long. But still it still keep on bother me.Sometime when I am alone or listen or see something that remind me the time when we were together, I cannot help crying. One time, accompanied with other problems, I even wanted to suicide. I think i am stupid.Okay, here is my problem. I had dated with a guy for six months. We never had sex even thought he did ask for it. But I insisted we did until we were more understanding. I met him on September last year. Then we hanged together and spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year together. I thought his family liked me, too.However, started from this year, he was so busy with his work. Even I could not see him, I kept on get in touch with him by calling him. In Valentine’s Day, I sent him card and he in return had somebody delivered roses to me. We never had a fight. In the past, I did feel he really like me . No matter how busy he was, he always tried his best to do me a favor. One time he even listened to me, changed the color of the car that he had already ordered and bought a convertible even he did not know how to drive because I told unintentionally that only the real man drive stick-shift.The last time that I called him was last month, I was crying on the phone because something happened to my family. But i did not tell him the problem, I just kept crying. And finally he did saying that he was not a open person. He was kind of guilty that he did not have time for me. However, after this call, we did not get in touch anymore. I do not whether he still love me or he never loved me before. I have really no idea how come it end up like this. I am really depressed that he treats me like this. I love him so much that now I do not know what to do . I know I need to find out the answer, otherwise, sooner or later, I am going to torture myself.Dr. Love, please help me. I am really down. I have nobody to talk to and no place to ask for help. Thank you very much anyway.Love, from New York