Dear Dr. Love:I have previously written to you regarding a sex issue but now I’m writing in regards to a bigger problem. My boyfriend and I have been together 18 months. Moved in together after only a month or so. (Big Mistake). Hindsight is always 20/20. You would think I would know better I’m 41 – He is 34.From the beginning it has been an unfair situation which probably happened because I didn’t speak up and hold him accountable. It is my home and I have continued to pay the mortgage and all the other bills except for groceries which he contributes 1/2 and on occasion has given me $100 to $200. 00 towards the bills. It has spilled over into all aspects of our life. I resent like hell that I do all the household chores, pay all the bills, worry if everything is going to get paid.When I have tried talking to him about this he says it is all about money with you isn’t it. Last Sunday we woke up and started talking and the next thing I know he has made the decision to move out. We are both unhappy but love each other tremendously.I am agreeable to going to counselling and seeking help. I know there are things I haven’t done perfectly either.How will counselling help as long as he can’t even admit he has done anything wrong. He can’t understand the dynamics of how I feel being totally responsible for everything.He moved out and is now renting a room from someone. I was angry because I said well if you can afford to rent a room, why can’t you afford to help pay the bills.Please help me out on this one? Am I just living in an unrealistic view of whether this problem can be worked out or not with counselling? Thanks, Linda