Dear Dr. Love,About 7 months ago I was at the local gas station (I live in a small town of 500) when I saw this girl that I thought I had seen before but I didn’t really remember. I fell in love at first sight, and made up my mind that I would find out who she was. Later that week we had already talked a few times in passing and I got up the courage to give her my phone number. Soon we would spend many nights talking for hours on the phone.After about 3 weeks I asked her out. She said she didn’t want a relationship at the time because there was too much going on in her life. I knew she was telling the truth because she had told me about her moms addiction to alchohol along with many other problems. Now I am wondering if I should ask her out again. We are much closer now and her mom is winning her battle with alchohol. But, I have held back because I have found that she has a deep fear of relationships and intimacy. Most likely caused by her moms 4 past marriages.I know she is scared of getting hurt in a relationship, and that she also is scared of letting anyone get close to her. I myself would be there for her no matter what (I am used to being under tremendous stress), though I worry that she will never talk to me again if I ask her out. She is very dear to me and though I don’t want to risk our friendship, I am scared that my feelings for her if they go unspoken could affect her negatively. I can’t just step out of her life because I promised her that I would always be there for her. I really need your help. I know she could be the one.