So i have this guy a year above me (im currently in 10th grade) and he looks REALLY GOOD. When i first saw him i immedately fall for him but then i somehow forgot about him and i just lived my life until like february when i realised he eats at the cantine like me. For two weeks we made quick eyecontacts like every second day but i believe most of them weren’t on purpose. Sometimes we met outside of the cantine too, then we always made eye contact but maybe it was just bc i was staring lmao he really is so pretty. I dont know much about him, (just the basics bc we follow each other on social media), I only talked to him twice, both of them was one and half a year ago, it wasnt anything serious. Then in april i found out he has a girlfriend for two years now so…I’m still interested in him, but i dont wanna make a move and be the ugly person who messes up someone’s realtionship or smth. But i kinda enjoy this (no)thing, it makes me excited, i look forward to see him, but deep down i always think of moving on, because obviously it hurts that i dont have any chance. I thought about trying to getting close to him as a friend but maybe it would just hurt both of us so yeah i honestly dont know what to do..

Thats the thing ig hehe thank you if you answer!! (Also sorry for any mistakes, english is not my first language)

Have a good day!♡

Dr Jamie Turndorf Answered question May 26, 2022