Dear Dr. Love,I’ve been involved with a very kind, compassionate man for almost a year(I’m 24, he’s 20), until just recently when over a remark he made(a very insignificant thing I realize now), we broke up for good. He is the most incredibly loving and considerate, patient and romantic man I’ve ever known.The problem for me is that he doesn’t seem to have any goals set for his life- s. a. college, career, etc. Right now, we both work in the same retail store where we first met. I’m going to go back to school this summer and have set in motion the plan I have made for my life (college, career, travel), but he just seems to stagnate. He is unsure of what he wants to do, but he doesn’t even make an attempt to find out.I’ve taken him to the college campus and library, and tried to encourage him to go to college as well, as he has an incredible mind for computers, and a brilliant painting talent, but it is to no avail. I love him very deeply, but I feel I can’t remain in a relationship where I can’t have some stability- I’ve been in one in the past where I loved an artist-type who chose not to conform (the present love in question is also an artist), and we ended up getting thrown out of our apartment because although I could pay my part, he couldn’t.I feel torn- someday down the road I may want a family or a home, and I want the man I’m involved with to be as much a part of it as am I, but I just can’t see it happening with him as he is now. Please help.