Dear Dr. Love,About two years ago, I made a new best friend. We started spending alot of time together, and about a year after we ‘d met, we began seeing each other romantically. The first two months were great, until he cheated on me. I broke up with him and two months later took him back. Things were really great between us.Then we started fighting all the time about things that weren’t relevant to anything. He kept trying to make changes, and telling me that if we didn’t work on things, we were going to lose each other. He left me four months after that. When I met him, I was trying to break away from a guy who was extremely abusive, emotionally and physically. He helped me leave and stood by me for six months while I got over the pain. He doesn’t have a good family life and my family took him in like he was their own. He spent weekends with us.He has always being afraid of ending up a failure like his father. I was the first person who ever believed in him, or my family and I were. I am extremely selfish. Our family is well to do and so I am used to always having everything my way and everyone doing everything for me. I was also very possessive with him, always wanting him with me and with no one else. He kept telling me that if I didn’t give some space too, then it would never work out and he would leave. I didn’t take him seriously-I always believed he would always be there with me. He left and now I want him to come back.I know that he really loves me, that he misses me and he wants to come back, but I know that I didn’t make him happy, and I don’t know if he will take the risk. I also know that he isn’t any happier being without me. I believe God left us to each other to help each other, him to succeed and me to grow up. I love him very much and I don’t want to live my life without him. Please answer this for me. I don’t know where else to turn.In Love and Alone