Dear Dr. LoveI read some of the replies to letters you have answered and I felt that you would be able to help me. I will try to give as much information concerning my problem. Here it goes.I am 18 years old, so is Tina. Before I started going out with Tina, she was my best friend. We hung around together whenever we could. I learned a lot about her life. She was sexually abused by her father when she was very young. Later, she became sexually active at a very young age. The majority of her relationships consisted of having sex with her boygriends, primarily. She was very permiscuous. It would be very difficult to know this from her behavior.She is very shy, but serious acting. She dresses very plainly like a guy does. Anyways, she was talking about her current boyfriend (another jerk). I asked her if their were any good people she could go out with. She just looked up at me, there was a long silence. Our relationship was very weird. We weren’t as mushy as other couples, just affectionate looking friends. I care about her very much, and she cares about me.The problem is some emotional problems that she has. Sometimes she is mean to me for no reason. I am a very joking person, and I can take minor silly insults, but sometimes she just gets bitter. If I get mad or defensive, she’ll get upset and start crying. She says she had no reason to be mad at me, she just got mad. These unprovoked feelings of anger within her, really upset her. There are other minor emotional bouts that she has. I feel these are all somewhat related.This relationship is high-maintanence. I might be better equiped to deal with this if this wasn’t my first relationship. When everything is ok, I enjoy it (that’s obvious). Whenever she becomes upset, I stay with her to comfort her and help her deal with what is wrong. She is sometimes just depressed or mad sometimes and I’ll persistently ask her what is bothering her. She’ll get upset when she finally say it.This problem isn’t helped by the fact that I allow a lot of this abuse for the sole reason that I care about her. Sometimes I don’t feel like her significant others, but a nurturer. Sometimes I ask myself if I should stay with her or not. I feel terrible about these thoughts, but having to deal with these problems often is emotionally draining. I feel at times that I am the sole emotional provider of the two. She really does care about me and says ‘I love you often but their is just something missing from her treatment of me.The question I have is this. What can I do to help her with this and what can she do for herself to deal with her emotional problems. I would be hugley grateful.gratefully,A lost soul