Dear Dr. Love,I am only 15, but I have experienced love for the second time in my life. This guy and I talked of getting married when I graduated from college. I still love him with ALL of my heart. Somehow, he just fell out of love and drifted apart. The bad thing is, he lives 2, 000 miles away. I am going to be moving there this coming summer. We were going to have a SERIOUS relationship then. He used to comment on my intelligence and maturity, now he just talks about my chest and how he’d like to get with me. I don’t understand how someone could change so dramatically. Please help me.This has greatly affected my life in California. I have to take pills called Saint John’s Wort. You may have heard of them. I have even paged him so I can get some closure to this whole thing. Please just tell me what I can do to get on with my life and to possibly win his heart back!Sincerely, Lost in love =)~