Hi Dr. Love!I have a problem I need advise on. I have been seeing a man who has been a widow since December of 96. His wife died of cancer. We have been seeing each other since March of this year. We met through a dating service and I told him that I felt we should just be friends until he had time to see what he really needed and wanted.We have really gotten close very fast, we have not said the I Love You words yet but I feel he wants to but is afraid he would be disrespecting his diceased wife. I am trying to be patient I know he needs it.Now to the problem at hand. B I will call him is having family in for a wedding and I have not been invited or I don’t think anyone even knows that I exist. I am not sure how I feel about this. I feel like I am being left out like he does’nt really care like he says he does. Please tell me if my feelings are valid or if I am being selfish or what.lost in Dallas