Dear Dr. Love,The man who is the love of my life is my high school sweetheart. Unfortunately, after high school I went to college and he went to the navy and we have been apart for almost four years now. During this time we have tried to be together but the strain of the distance was too much. Yet, we cannot let go and up until now we always say we will move on and yet have not.Well now I am about ready to graduate from college and he is almost done with the navy. Neither of us are in serious relationships and we always had said that 1997 was THE year to finally be together. I have expressed my true feeelings to him and told him that I am still in love with him I followed this up with a visit to see him for the weekend. Yet, he cannot committ to me and says he ‘cannot jump back in ‘I know he still loves me, so why is he saying this? Could he be scared or is this a sign for me to move on? He is also a very indecisive person and prides himself on this? Help, please.Lost in Ca.