Dear Dr. Love,I have a little problem. I broke up with my girlfriend about 2 months ago. Our relationship was pretty good until we started arguing constantly. I knew there was a reason for our arguing so I confronted her and she told me why. Her reason was that I constantly wanted to ‘ get some’ and it made her feel totally used and worthless. She claimed there were times when she just wanted to talk and all I wanted to do was fool around.Well after she told me this I realized she was RIGHT. I was a hornball and I didn’t realize it. I pleaded and begged with her to give me a second chance. I told her I do really care for her and I want a second chance. However, she says that no matter what I say she cannot get over the fact that I used her like a piece of meat. She says she still does care for me but she doesn’t want to go through that again. Is there anything else I can do or say that would somehow change her mind?Thank-you in AdvanceLost