I am a 22 year old lesbian and have been in a relationship for 3 months now. I met my gf online. Just giving it a try and we clicked from the start.This is love at first sight. She lives 4 hours from me, and is a professional working at a firm. We’re both college educated, as well, a very intellegent woman.I truly feel I have met my life partner. We make sure we see each other every weekend. We talk at least twice a day on the phone. I love this woman very much. We talk about the future, every time we spend together, about us moving in together, sharing things, and developing a family togther.I’m concerned about her asking me these questions like, ‘ Do you miss me?’ or her bringing up stories about her ex who she was deeply in love with 5 years ago and it seems to me that she can’t let go. I tell her I’m not going anywhere and that I’m not that EX! And reassuring her that I will always be here and love her deeply. She thinks that I’m one day going to just throw in the towel and leave this relationship!How do I get it through to her that I’m staying right here and not going to ever leave her! She can be sensitive and insecure sometimes. I don’t feel I tell her enough how beautiful she is sometimes, and I know she is waiting to hear this, but I show rather than speaking.I feel like our relationship at times has reached the plateau of being overly comfortable with one another? Is that possible that you can be too comfortable with your partner? We both give and take equally.