I’m in a long distance relationship for 11 months now and my boyfriend planned to break up with me because according to him I am very far from him since we’re living in different countries. He said he’s very busy that he cannot give me time and I told him that I understand that since we have our own lives as well. He wants to breakup with me because we cannot do things physically, we can’t see and touch each other and he’s having stressful life that affecting his time for me as well that leads him into frustration. I told him to keep fighting for our relationship that it’s just a challenge for the both of us but he’s really eager to end our relationship. He’s very cold towards me for weeks now and I am trying to lighten up the situation when we’re texting. He can’t even call me ‘babe’ and doesn’t respond to my ‘i love yous’. I really don’t know what to do. I love him so much it’s just the LDR is very hard but I was this relationship to be successful. Is there any solutions for this? Please help me. Thank you!

Dr Jamie Turndorf Changed status to publish December 14, 2022