Hey there, I’ve been married (long distance) now for about 6 months. It seems like we’re broken. Our relationship, before hand was, in my opinion too soon.We are young but we know we need to be together, for our child.We need to be close, because somehow deep inside we do care for each other. We get into fights alot. We both hate it. She cries in the end, she more so than I. I like this girl named Star who is 18 (only 3 years younger then I). Her mum knows that I am married. I only talked to her once, and its odd, because I know I have ‘lust’ for her.Maybe I want to be more happy, because I know my wife and I aren’t making it together. Whenever she comes in at night to help her mom clean the store, I *always* want to see her. I’m sensitive, so I don’t have the courage to talk to her. When I see her I don’t think about my marriage and how I could hurt everthing.I just have feelings for Star and I know I shouldn’t. She rejected me and I know it will never work, but I just feel, something for her I hardly even know her. Just the basics. It’s hard to let go. Ive never really felt like this, other than for my wife, Claudia.What should I do with all this? Its hard, as it has been, ever since I got my teen wife pregnant.