Hi Dr. Love….Thank you for having this forum available for advice I sure appreciate it and could use it right now.My husband and I have been married a year in June and been together for 3 years total. I am the second relationship he’s had both emotionally and physically/sexually. He’s 37 and I’m 34. I continue to find questionable numbers or e-mail chats that have a sexual tone in them. This breaks my heart and at the same time I truly understand that he may have this need to experience other women (not so much for love but more for the sexual experience.)I’ve had my share and have absolutely no interest to wander from my guy. In fact, I wish I had only been with two people my whole life it probably would have saved my feeling less about myself because I know now I was only a fxxx (sorry).It has not happened only once. He refuses to admit or discuss my feelings about what has happened. I feel totally unwanted, unsexy and not the person he is sharing the best part of himself with. (These feelings of mine began about a year a ago and I find myself almost obsessed with the fact I’m not what he wants right now or whom he thinks about and this breaks my heart.)We’re waiting to get our first counseling appointment but he’s been clear that past issues such as these should not be the focus. Once again this only makes me feel I have to fight for the right of my feelings being understood.Please give my anything you can…help me understand more of his (and a man’s side) as well as maybe some alternatives for resolution.I sincerely thank you for your time and response.JJ