Hi Dr. Love:I have been with my current boyfriend for four years. He got in trouble with the law and is now serving several years in prison. I love him and have stuck by him for the last year and a half he has been incarcerated.My situation is accentuated by the following problems:1) He is divorced, with two children. I spend whatever money I have making sure the kids receive birthday and christmas gifts from their dad and myself. I take them to the park, dinner, whatever comes to mind once every couple of months to make sure that they know their dad still loves them.In addition to this, I send him packages once or twice a month, each totalling approximately $200. I do not receive financial help from any of his family, nor do I get so much as a thank you. I know that I am doing it to help him out, but his family has come to ‘expect’ me to do it, without any help.I am 28 and make about 20k a year, so I scrimp and save to help. I feel that his family, who goes to visit him without inviting me, should at least thank me for the help. How should I go about talking to them about the situation?2) His ex-wife tries to keep in contact with his family. They treat her like she is still married to him. I understand she is the mother of their grandchildren, but they treat her better than me. I suppose I am jealous because his ex-wife left him because she had an affair with a married man and had his child.I guess what I am asking is: Will I be able to see past his family and their inability to assist/thank me in order to marry him when he is free? I know you marry one’s family when you marry them, but his whole family is dysfunctional and selfish. What should I do? Thank you.