Hi Dr. Love,I am in the middle of a break-up. I read your last article about that to the teenager.I am 33 and I thought I made it clear. Basically I said –it’s not you, it’s me. I need more affection than you can give. He kept saying he was confused. We must have talked on the phone for over an hour today.Man I was pissed. I told him I am not sure if I want to continue seeing him. I’m kicking myself for not being more assertive. He kept putting me down saying I need sex more–I told him that was very hurtful. Basically I also said there is nothing wrong with me or him–just that he is not very affectionate & I am. I like cuddling & all that & he’s not that way.I feel so lousy now. I have only dated him 2 months & I new by the second month, it was not working. To complicate matters I have grown close with someone else who knows all about this situation. I am not on the rebound.Please advise –what do you do when a guy just doesn’t get it or refuse to get it? I think I will have to be cold which you don’t recommend and leave him a message on his machine saying I’ve made my decision and it’s just not working out.