Dear Dr. Love,Recently I befriended a guy online and we have been talking or mailing each other almost every day. The problem is I am not sure how to approach him because I am not sure of his feelings for me. On one hand we can discuss the pain he felt upon discovering a girl he was interested in was involved with someone. ( He told me the girl was seeing someone the day before and that he was and would continue getting over it. Oddly, when he told me he seemed more interested conversationally in my opinion of him than in his loss)But then, the other evening we were talking late and both of us were tired and flirting. When I asked him a question and told him to be serious( I asked him he he had ever had an orgasm) his response was ‘yes’ and that he wished he could show me. ( I am a virgin and I live far away, circumstaces I am willing to acceptand he seems to accept. )Now, I can handle discussing his feelings for other girls since I don’t think it healthy to desire someone who is only interested in you as a friend. And I do desire him. But his behavior that night, which included him telling me that he was attracted to me one minute, and then commenting on how he was tired and did, nt know what he was saying confused me. The next day he e-mailed me and the first thing he asked was’how is the guy situation. There must be someguy out there who is right for you’ . No mention of the night before, and to top that all off he was treating me like a child ( I am 16 he 19 ) something he never did before. I, m not sure if he is ashamed of what he said because of my age, if he was just lashng out over the loss of an oppurtunity romantically, or if he really did, nt mean it. I don’t know how or if I should approach him ROMANTICALLY . With so many mixed messages I feel like I am running in circles! Please help.NEEDS AN OPINION