Dear Dr love:i have a question that has been bothering me for a couple of years now. first off my name is ashley, i am 19 years old i have been with the same man for the past 4 years we recently got married june 2 1998 very happy.we have had unprotected sex for 4 years and i have had unprotected sex for a couple of years before him. with alot of men. (not bragging) i will have a cou[ple of questions when i am done telling you my story if you dont mind i have been raped 4 times 2 severe beating really bad hosptilized, i have done drugs since i was nine till sixteen, i swallowed alot of crank, alcohol, acid, mushrooms, pot. real heavey for years.i have picked abusive relationships 1 for 3 years bad bad, i ask you now if maybe you can answer these questions?# 1: why havent i became pregnant? i do want to. and have tried.# 2: why am i angry with my husband all the time? been to counciling didnt help. prozac didnt either.# 3: why do i still think about my rapes? my drug years? why do i relive them?if you have any advise i would love to hear it, please i want my marriage to survive i dont want him running out cause im mean, or depressed, or so damn moody. i do love my husband wouldnt trade him with a million dollar man. please help me please. if you cant its understandable.