Dear Dr. Love,recently my boyfriend accused me of cheating but get this, he said that i was cheatin because i flirt over the internet, i told him that he should be glad it was on the internet and not for real, he then proceeded to ask me about the email that i had recieved, i told him i would not show it to him, but it didnt matter because he already knew my password, when he began reading the mail that was sent to me (it was very erotic) he said ‘i knew you were cheatin on me) he broke up with me.we live together which makes matters even worse, i tried to explain to him that what was in those’letters’ were not real to me and that if he thought about, if i did get hot and horny reading these’letters’ he would be on the recieving end of pleasure, i think that cheatin is physical, while he says what was written to me and what i typed back was cheating, i never physically cheated on him, but he doesnt believe me, i know that he may have some insercurites, because i have done a couple of things that were wrong, make that a few, but to me i only behave that way when i am not getting what i need, and before you say, tell him, i do tell him what i need, want and desire, we’ve been together for 4 years, i love him and really don’t want to loose him, help, im at my wits end, what am i doing wrong?