Dear Dr. Love,I hope you pick this question (or situation, I should say) for free.I am in deep distress. My name is Heathyr and nearly a year ago I fell’in love’ for the first time.However, the guy I was with rejected me and made me feel worthless. Now it is over a year later since the breakup and I cannot bring myself to date anyone more than once or twice. Now psychologically this could be because I have a deep inner fear of being rejected by these guys. But I have the control with these guys! If anything, I’m the one rejecting them because I can always find something wrong that I wouldn’t be able to live with on a long-term basis and end up cutting myself off – even though they are greatly attracted to me. It’s like there’s a leash on me that yanks me back from even going through with a’relationship’.However, I would like to be in a supportive, loving relationship, despite any fears. I know these can be overcome through time. This one guy (who has become a really close friend of mine) is in love with me and would do anything for me. He treats me like a goddess , is very understanding, and accepts all of me. But yet I can’t see him romantically! Now there’s got to be something wrong with me, because I have so many options but I reject them all, even though I Don’t Want to. I know eventually I will find a soulmate, but until then I wish I could just let go and actually date! But I can’t even bring myself to do that!Does it stem from childhood, my past relationship, or something else? And if so how can I get over that? It’s not like I can change who i am and the parents who raised me. Another thing: I never really had a father. I believe I am lacking in a lot of experience about men in general, and yet I also feel like I just can’t settle for whatever is attracted to me, because there are so many aspects about me that aren’t conventional in this society (or world, probably).I’m just wondering if despite all that I grew up with and all the rejection I’ve been through, I can handle another relationship. Because my heart is completely closed off and has been for nearly a year. And I feel it is holding me back. Despite my abnormalities, there has to be people out there that are attracted to me that I can actually date! Unless I’m fated to live my life this way…what do you get from all of this? Please advise!