My boyfriend and I had been living together in my house for about 5 months before we decided to get married. Planning the wedding became stressful for both of us. Then my shift changed at work and we had less time to spend with each other.Soon after that he told me that he didn’t feel like he loved me enough to marry me. This came as a shock to not only me, but all of our friends and family. He had been the one from the beginning that had pushed to get married.Just a week before his startling comment, I had called him from work on his day off to see what he was doing. He told me that he was just lying on his bed and couldn’t get anything done because he missed me so bad.About 2 weeks later, he does a complete turn-around, sets up an elaborate romantic evening, and asks me to marry him. I accept, however being a little shell-shocked, I repeatedly ask him to reassure me of his love for me.A month later he pulls away again, this time moving out. He tells me he is confused. He tells me he misses me. He tells me he still loves me. He is even interested in going to a marriage counselor.My question is, do I move on and forget this guy, or do I work at trying to salvage this relationship?