dear Dr loveive beenmarried for almost nine years now ive always been satisfied with my husband. we have what i thought was the perfect marrage. we never fight we never get into arguments. we always agree on everything we have always had the same dreams and ambitions.well a few weeks ago he asked me about a wife swap! i have been courrious about it but he is a very jelous man i on the other hand am not but we did end up doing it i started crying after a few moments and the man i was with felt the same as i did twords his wife as i did twords my husband neither one of us could fallow through.well his wife and my husband did and she started having strong feelinge for my husband im pretty sure my husband feels the same about her,tonight when i got in to bed and tryed to start being friskey with him he called me her name, well i tryed to give him the bennifit of the doubt and blame it on him drinking. he has told me he loves me and never wants to loose me and the family we have made togeather.but i cannot help but wonder if i am going to loose him. i love him every one that was there agreed on it but he was telling her things he has never told me in bed am i just too worried about this or am i just jellious because the man and my self could not fallow through with the agrement and they did i love him i am not mad at him or her for what had happend i now he loves me deepley but i also know that he dose want to sleep with her again and she also feels the same but me and the other person do not feel that that would be right please help me understand how i should feel thank you