Dr. Love,My name is Lisa and my problem is somewhat complex. My boyfriend(9 mths) and I were discussing transvestites and gays. We are on opposites ends of the spectrum when it comes to anything that has to do with this topic. For the record: He believes men and women should be together and thats it. I, however believe that love conquers all and a persons sexuality doesn’t matter. I understand, from the nature of his upbringing, how his opinions are formed. So, neither of us is right or wrong, we just strongly disagree.My problem is this: During the conversation I told him that it would be interesting to have a penis for a day. I went on to explain that my reason is to see what men go through, but I think his mind clouded after the first sentence. He keeps saying that he wants a woman and I want to be a man. ‘ Women in the 90’s, man’ Thats his favorite saying lately.It’s frustrating me that it seems he’s not understanding me. And even if he can’t understand he wont just accept. I don’t want to feel restricted when were together. I want to be as open as possible. He says he loves me. He says he’s confused but wont talk about it without arguing with me. I love him with all my soul. How can I put him at ease? How can I still be open, but not as threatening? I NEED HELP!!Misunderstood(Like all the rest of us)