Dear Dr. Love,I have recently met an exciting man. He is charming, interresting, educated, intellegent, genuine, mature, attractive, exciting, and we have just the right mix of things in common with things different, etc. Good news! He thinks the same of me. My head is spinning! I’m so excited to meet someone like this! In the search for my soul mate, could he be the one?I do tend to ‘fall in love’ easily. The problem comes that after the relationship progresses I see the flaws that prevent it from becoming the marriage relationship I’m seeking, but by then it’s doubly difficult to end it because of the premature intimacy we have achieved. So, I have been receiving advise to ‘go slow’ and ‘hold something back ( emotionally)’ by my councellor and my friends. I would like to know. . . HOW TO I DO THAT? If I go slow (and I’m not speaking sexually, I’m refering to emotional intimacy) don’t I sacrifice true intimacy by keeping up barriers?