Dear Dr. Love,I am currently in a relationship with a woman that I care very much about. However we are having trouble due to what some might view as my jealous tendancies. I was in a three year relationship prior to this one in which I was very sure of myself and my relationship. However that confidence was ultimatly unwarrented, for the relationship was marred by infedelity and finally her leaving me for a friend of mine.This relationship is the first one since then that I have really allowed myself to really care for the person I’m with and let down my guard. I love the girl I’m with now but I fear that my recent behavior has pushed her away. On several occassions I have gotten upset, emotional more so than angry, because we have been in social situations where I have interpreted her interaction with other men to be flirting as well as too eccessive. I feel as though she doesn’t wan’t to spend time with me. She says, ‘I come with you and I leave with you’so that should be my reassurance. However I can not help feeling unwanted when she spends more time with these other guys.Once again, I ‘m sure that it is completely innocent but I can not stop this feeling that I get inside. I’ve talked to her about how I feel but she defends her actions and says that this is something that I have to deal with on my own, and that she can not reassure me enough. She wanted me to go talk to someone about why I get so upset. I love her very much and want this to work. can you help? Please.Jealous Tendencies