Dear Dr. Love,I have a problem, I am a 24 year old hetrosexual male and I am have been in a stable relationship for two years. My problem is this; my fiancee is very good at giving me oral sex, but the problem is that I can not acheive an orgasm from oral sex. Now my fiancee is the first one to expose me to the plesure of oral sex so I don’t have much experince in the area. So I was wondering if I have a problem or is she just not doing it correctly. I would really love to have an orgasm this way because it would mean a lot not only to myself but also to her. Since we’ve been together it has become a very sore subject among us and she has been doing it less and less frequently. Yet she has told me that giving oral sex is one of her biggest turn-ons. So I was wondering if you might be able to give me some helpful advise in order to resolve this issue. Please help me.Thank you,It’s a no go.