Hi Dr, Here is this girl I met her 2015 mid April. I was not interested in her but to her friend, only to find to find out she is dying in love with in me. So I then shift my attention to her, well little did I knew she was the prettiest girl ‘ why I did not notice her’ I kept on asking myself. We decided to be in a in relationship, a long distance relationship. We are both born 1998 March, she is on the 13th and I on the 30th. We understand each other a lot, I mean we would spend 4-6 hours on a phone call since we were in a long distance relationship. So she decided to have sex with me around Sep if not Nov 2015. Our relationship became so strong and we go to know about each other a lot. 2016 mid year we broke-up, simply because I was the one who cheated on her. So we broke-up but did not lost communication with each other because we would talk about how life is going on ones side, I would not talk what bothering with my girlfriend but I would rather tell her(my ex) what’s been bothering me and I tell you I  would get better after that… So latter 2018 I tried my luck of winning her heart again but she was not up for that, I don’t knw why, perhaps she was seeing someone else. I did not gave up I kept on trying up until I won her back 2019 Feb. It lasted for 8 months, it was a long distance relationship but we did not felt that nor had a problem with it, but the problem it was me. I was bottling with my personal, family issues at some point I would feel as if I am the burden on her or the relationship is the burden. So I neglected her, I did not give too much attention, I wanted to be alone because I felt like she did not understand my suffering nor my background, so she decided to block me to all the social platforms, I did not mind that in fact it was an relief because I felt like my problems are decreasing. Later 2019 around Sep I came back to myself and it was like I lost myself  and I decided to search for her on social platforms fortunately she unblocked me, but she was not willing to get back to me. I thought its over between us, so I tried to forget about her and not to bother her again. I told myself this ”if we are met to be to together, she will come back by herself” and she did . 2021 April it was at mid night I was with my other girlfriend, I received a text from one of the social platforms, it was HER. While my girlfriend is asleep we were chatting. She told me that she was in a serious relationship with this gent, apparently the guy asked for marriage from her but she said no. She said ”NO” simply because on that night she told me that ” she said no because she does not see herself with anyone else other than me” she said she wants her lover back of which that was me . I was not honest with her, I told that I did not had a girlfriend, we decided to get back again but mind you now I am seeing two ladies and that is not my brand. so I decided to dump the one of 2015 , ”I mean she is been away from me, I last saw her 2016” that was me convincing myself, forgetting that I once said ” if we are met to be to together, she will come back by herself”. It was on the 25th of May 2021 when I dumped her, but after a week I stated to being apologetic of my decision up until today I still regret myself. I am not seeing anyone simply because I feel like I should wait for her but she does not know nor I know how she feels about me nor she willing to talk to me again.. But is she my soulmate or should I just let her go or forget about her?

Dr Jamie Turndorf Answered question June 28, 2022