Dear Dr. Love,I live with my boyfriend. He is in Sales. Which means he is a busy man. He got relocated for work and we both had to move to a state that we were not happy with. Things were fine for a while but each of us carried a lot of stress because of both work and changes in living, money.It has been a couple of months and he has decided to start staying overnight. (He never did before as OFTEN). He never tells me where he is going what he is doing etc. . . Last Night he left for the night (on business) well number 1: he calls at midnight. number 2: I try to page him right after we hang up and he dosen’t call back. number 3: I wake up in the morning and try it again. . . . . . . . no response. Now, he always has his pager on him. And don’t you think he should tell me what hotel etc. . . ???? I mean what if I was in trouble.I guess what I ‘m worried about is: is he cheating on me??? Please help me it’s effecting me day & day. Am I being insecure??? He comes home tonight: what should I do?? I really love this man. Thanks.