It’s been 2 weeks since I wrote a letter telling a man how I felt about him. I told him that I cared about him, but I cannot let my feelings get 2 involved because I know that he has begun to see another woman; he was not in the beginning. I told him that I was upset because I thought that we were working toward something special.I thought that we were damn near in a relationship! But when I observed his actions, I soon realized that things are not what they seem. I’d told him so much about my personal life. I felt that he understood what I was going though and was able to look past that. He accepted what I told him about myself, and he still treated me with respect.He offered for me to move in with him. We were seeing each other on a daily basis, and we’ve been intimate for a while now. But now he’s lying to me about another woman.My question: why would he go so far into trying to make me feel wanted and cared for? And even offer for me to live with him just to mess it up?I’m confused. Did he notice some things about me that he didn’t notice in the beginning? But I refuse to believe that he would offer to share his living space with someone that he had bad intentions for all along.And please note, this other girl that he’s talking 2 is married with a child, and she is NOT ATTRACTIVE. I have to be blunt. Me on the other hand, no kids, single, in school, independent, attractive young lady.He still calls me to spend time, but it’s me saying no! I’m not willing to share him.