Hello,it gives me great pleasure to write to you. I want to know your opinion. I knew a guy through the net and he’s from another country. In the beginning, he used to call me daily, but after a while he stopped calling me. A few times I sent him SMS but he didn’t answer back.I thought he was mad at me or something, but on the contrary he said he was so busy. Also he promised to visit my country but instead of this he visited other countries! After about 3 months he stopped calling me though I’m always calling him. I don’t call him he asks me to.I sent him an email telling him it’s over. He didn’t even answer. After couple of weeks, I saw him online and he said he had very big problems with his family and job and he left his country and now he’s living in syria.I forgave him then he begged me to call him. So I called him twice and he said he’ll call me. But he didn’t and he knew I was in a resort and knew I was going to be back home. He also didn’t ask and didn’t call, even he didn’t leave me an offline message. Just a few days later he gave me a missed on the mobile.At that time I said he’s just playing with my heart so I said I won’t talk to him again. But yesterday he left me message telling me he’s missing me too much and he’s waiting for me.Then he said he’s sorry he didn’t call coz in Syria there is NO international calls! Then he asked me to check up on him me with a little message or anything. Then he added that I’m the only one who is left for him and there is no one beside him, just me.PLEASE HELP