During the first weeks of September, I met this guy. He works next to my company and we don’t live far from each other. After 2 weeks we became friends but I started to develop love for him and it was so strong.On the 13th of September, I called him and I wanted to tell him but I didn’t. Saturday he called me to come to his flat and I did and I discovered that he does love me too. On Sunday we made love with protection.The whole week everything was fine, but on the 23rd he just told me we have to pause our relationship. When I asked for an explanation he said I’m old for him. He is 32 years old. I’m 27 years old. Then he said it’s not the age it is because of the space.He tells me is that my visitation and my calls. We used to call each other 3 times a day and he wanted me to come to him after work. If I didn’t come he would phone me. So I don’t understand why this happened. Because I thought he loved being with me.Please help. I’m confused.