Hello, i was wondering if i could get any help with a relationship problem that i have. Any help will be appreciated. Im 22 and have been with my girlfriend for five years now and i love her with all my heart. I would do anything for her and i plan on marrying her in a couple of years (4-5yrs).For the last few months we have been arguing alot and i havent been very happy. I’ve wanted to take a break and tell her for the past few months but she once told me that if we ever break up that would be it and i have never wanted to take that chance.I live in LA and just recently i met a girl down in san diego that i hung out with and had a lot of fun. I didnt do anything with the other girl but i had the most fun i have had in a long time. In five years i have never thought about another girl never wanted to go out or do anything with another girl until now.I dont know what to do, i want to take a break with my girlfriend but i dont want to feel like im taking a break just to hook up with the girl from san diego. I just want to go out and have fun and experience life single for a little bit i have the rest of my life to spend with my girlfriend.Am i being selfish, or should i give it a shot and tell her i want to take a break. I dont have anybody to talk to so i would appriciate your opinion anything you tell me will help a lot.Thank You