Dear dr love,Theres a girl in my life. We were like friends from childhood. over the years ive gotten attracted to her. one day we had this talk abt our feelings 4 each other.she said that she really liked me as a friend and she wanted to tell me all that was goin on in her life. but she didn’t say anything abt being attracted to me or anything of that sort. but im not sure about this cause, sometimes when we are alone together she gets her hands all over me, we play with each others hair and get physical and stuff but nothing close to sex or anything.now shes studying in a place far from where i am. althought we mail each other and she comes home occasionaly. i think abt her almost everyday. the thing is im not sure if she wants to b in a relationship or anything with me because i think that she thinks of me just as a good friend. but i really want something more.how can i make her fall 4 me? by the way shes right now with another guy but shes gonna break up with him in a few months time because shes going somewhere else to study. i will see her 4 one more time in a few months time but after that we will b going our seperate ways 4 our higher studies.i really want something really big to happen when she comes here(which will b the last time ill b seeing her) may b a kiss or somethin i dunno. . . . i just want to b someone really really really close to her.