hello Dr love,i have read many of your responses and they are all very good, but i havent found the answer to my question. please help me. i met this guy and fell in love with him. he was great for a year. he brought me flowers and told me im beautiful and he loved me. we tlaked all the time. we were best friends it seemed.then his priorities changed. 6 months later he got so mean. he started yelling at me and cussing. i cried all the time. after we brokw up i had depression. i am better now but it still haunts me. i think abut him all the time. no matter how hard i try i cant get over it.. i have wished on every star, nothing works. i returned all of his things.oh yeah, the worst part is now he acts liek it never happened. he is so mean to me. he has replaced me with this girl he used to hate,. hes so mean to me. how can he say he loves me one minute and be so sweet and the next he laughs at me for crying. it makes no sense to me. i can be fine and hear a sad song and just cry all over again. all of my poetry is abotu it. i cant get over it. i have a wonderful boyfriend now but i need to get over the worst year of my life. i had my herat broken by this guy and he acts like he doesnt know me. he refuses to tlak about it to anyone. please help me forget it all. please try anyway. lsincerely, i hate to love him